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Khadijah's a mother, author, community activist and actress, who believes every person should walk in their God ordained purpose. She's the founder of A Dream Deferred Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps citizens returning home from incarceration reintegrate into their community and the workforce. She's working diligently on a program that will revolutionize prisoner re-entry and help to end mass incarceration.

Khadijah's also a former co-host of A Changed Mind Podcast -Season 1. A podcast that helps others move from trauma to power and self-love by way of transparent conversations with her co-hosts.


In 2017, Khadijah lost her father, mentor and friend. The death of her father, left her devastated and grief stricken. Through the experience of that great loss, she was able to see dysfunction in a vivid way. During this time, she rededicated her life to Jesus Christ. Her faith in God has helped her to overcome depression, trauma and use her pain to pursue purpose. She's a domestic violence and cancer survivor who believes, “we are sent here, to heal one another.” After going through an intensive healing process. She has learned the power of vulnerability and transparency, which she expresses in her first book entitled "Turning Our Hearts Back to God". 

Click below to listen to the first chapter Roots. 

Chapter 1 - RootsTurning Our Hearts Back to God
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